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Dryer Vent Brush: An Easy To Use Tool For Cleaning And Maintenance

Dryer vent brush comes in handy in helping you maintain the cleanliness of your dryer vent. Dryer vent cleaning is very important in order to ensure the longevity of your dryer and most importantly, to make sure that it maintains its top performance. I was one of the many people who didn’t really think about cleaning the vent of my dryer and before I knew it, my dryer stopped functioning and almost caused a fire because it overheated.

Indications That You Already Need To Clean Your Dryer Vent

There are signs that you need take note of. These signs will tell you that you’re dryer vent needs cleaning. I always watch out for these signs just to make sure that I won’t have another non-functioning dryer in my house. The first sign I check to know that I need to clean my dryer vent is if the top of my dryer is hot when it’s being used.

I used to ignore this sign because all I thought was the heat being produced on top of my dryer was just simply a sign of hard work the dryer was doing but I was wrong. Second, if I notice that my clothes are not being dried as fast as they used to be then it’s another sign that I need to clean my dryer. Moreover, if I see that there are extra lint being stuck on my clothes after drying and my clothes produce a moldy or musty smell, it means I already need to pick up my vent brush.

Cleaning Your Clothes Dryer Vent Using A Dryer Vent Brush

For those who haven’t tried cleaning their dryer vents yet, don’t just grab your brush and start cleaning. There are steps that you need to follow to ensure that you don’t break anything in your dryer while cleaning. The steps are not that complicated and I always follow these instructions whenever I do my dryer vent cleaning.

First step, make sure that you unplug your dryer and there’s no electricity flowing to any parts of the entire machine. If you have a gas powered dryer, do turn off the gas. What I would do next is I would move my dryer away from the wall enough for me to have access to the extension of the vent. Afterwards, I remove the vent off of the dryer and start cleaning it with my brush and remove all the lint I could find in there.

After cleaning the vent, I put it back to the dryer and move the dryer back to its original position.

Improve Your Dryer’s Lifespan With A Dryer Vent Brush

images (16)To improve my dryer’s lifespan, I don’t just regularly clean the vent. I make sure that I follow the dos and avoid the don’ts as much as possible. The first tip I could give you is to make use of your dryer’s moisture sensor option. This functionality will make sure that you don’t over-dry your clothes. Most of the time, I don’t completely dry the clothes using my dryer. After letting the dryer absorb a little bit of moisture from the wet clothes, I hang up the clothes and let it dry from hanging.

Most importantly, I do the necessary cleaning and maintenance to ensure that it continues to perform in its top condition.

Cleaning The Entire Unit

Cleaning my entire dryer has been part of my maintenance process to make sure that my unit will always be up and running whenever I need it. I only follow a couple of steps in tidying my dryer up. I prepare some paper towels and bring out an all-natural all-purpose cleaner. I use them to clean the interior of the dryer.

I don’t miss cleaning the knobs and dials of the dryer and make sure that they’re fully cleaned and disinfected using a disinfectant spray like Lysol. Other than using a brush, I also use a vacuum to make sure that all lint is removed from the dryer hose. However, in disposing lint, it’s normally easier to make use of a dryer vent brush.

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